Adios, Santiago

On our last morning we heaved ourselves out from our thick layers of blankets, spent breakfast as usual asking for more leche fria for the boys’ bowls of cereal (which always came in tiny jugs and was never enough), packed and finally headed off on the metro for the Interactive Museum, located in a park down some local side streets in southern Santiago and clearly somewhere that no one ever gets public transport to.

Our first twenty minutes were not v successful as half the cities’ kids and their parents were there (I’d assumed they’d be at school but got that wrong), Jonathan (still recovering from skiing) just wanted to slope off and find a hedge he could kip under; and the boys were moaning that ‘everything was in spanish’ (durrh) and it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the Petrosains centre in KL. So we went to have a coffee and a waffle and came back to try again.

This time Sonny managed to craft some master bubbles…

… Jam managed to make his very own tsunami …

… and found an amazing zootrope…

… and everyone paid penance for their earlier lack of enthusiasm by being made to lie on a bed of nails:

Then with many hours to spare but anticipating the worst of Santiago’s traffic jams, we went to the airport (which we breezed to in about 20 minutes) and consequently spent a small fortune whiling away the hours at such fantastic dineries like Johnny Rocket (burgers and fries (we were getting in the mood for Manhattan)).

Then, finally, on a lonnnngggg flight to Houston, and screens. Whoop.

Farewell South America! We still haven’t got to grips with the language (ie why is strawberry fresa in Peru and frutilla in Chile?) but we’ve enjoyed it. Ciao!

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