Ever thought about taking your kids travelling around the world? Balmy days on the beach? Life-enhancing cultural experiences? Or do the logistics of even getting to Heathrow give you a headache?

In 2019, with some trepidation, we took our two boys (who were turning 10 & 8) out of school and travelled round the world for seven months, before resettling to a new home. The elder one, whom we’ll call Sonny in a feeble attempt to respect his privacy, was up for this. He loves swimming, food, and animals. The younger one, Jam, who is a creature of habit and only eats beige food (+ fish fingers), was going to be more of a challenge. To our surprise, Jam’s diet aside, it was Sonny who struggled more in the end, particularly after witnessing the horrors of his mother’s sickness in Bogota.

Still, we had an amazing time, and we believe that the kids did too. This blog served as the main way of keep our family and friends in touch with what we were up to (where would you start otherwise?), and has continued to be a resource of some very happy memories – as well as, we hope, being of interest and inspiration to other travellers. Enjoy!