Round the World, 2019

On 5 Jan 2019 we’re leaving for our round-the-world trip, armed with some school books, head torches and a guide to snakes.

The original plan had been to take deploy a HIIT ‘High Intensity Interval Travel’ approach ie: a day or so intense sightseeing and then a fortnight living like a local in an Airbnb. “We’re not particularly interested in ticking things off,” I’d said, “but rather spending some quality time together as a family before DH and I (rather aged parents) are dead or demented.” That last part still stands but the trouble is, once you find yourself in place x, with an aim to settling in for the duration, you think, ooh, I’m not too far from place y, we should go and see that too. And before you know it, you’re planning to hop around in a very expensive, un-carbon-friendly fashion which will exhaust us all.

Still, it’s (mostly) booked now.

The original plan had also involved crafting a nice blog/photographic documentary of the whole thing. But in practice these things take time to do well (there are lots of very slick travel bloggers out there who will attest to that), and we are all, basically, knackered. So we’ll post from time to time and it may not look pretty or be beautifully worded but that’s probably because we’ve been up all night with jetlag and/or the trots and/or a child.

Wish us luck…

J, K, Sonny (9) & Jam (7).

Updated Dec ’18.