1. They both look very happy and are certainly growing up. We were in Jersey last weekend and thought of you as we walked out to the Corbière lighthouse! (We half expected to see Jonathan on his bike)! I trust you are all settling in well?

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  2. Next time you’re over drop us a line and we can meet up for a coffee or something. We’re just around the corner from Corbiere…


  3. Nice to catch up on your news – the boys always look so happy in the photos – I phoned JCM last week and found out he is in Switzerland climbing the North Face of the Toblerone – Did Sue sell her house and move to Maidenhead? Cooper still working on the Lego Taj Mahal- constructing the main dome – his team won indoor cricket league this winter – Dorothy has started teeth implant operation – we are enjoying reduced power costs with our solar panels (I no longer worry about the light in the fridge not going off when I close the door!!!!!!) – We are planning a trip next month to Monkey Mia and will stop off at Geraldton (on your recommendation!!!!!)
    Best wishes for your future in Jersey
    D & A

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