Homeward bound

Dear god. But as far as the boys are concerned this is the best day of the Big Trip so far…

We have finally got to the boarding gate despite Sonny thinking the questions from the immigration official were a joke and referring to me as his smelly mummy and jonathan as his grandfather. (Insert your own expletive here).

Not much time so very briefly it has been cooler over the last few days. We spent one day in Brooklyn at Prospect Park (where we saw fireflies) and Brooklyn Bridge, and the other in Manhattan where we walked a lot and went to the High Line and were bought dinner on our last night by the lovely DB.

A few pics:

Flower photography by Jam…

What a trip. As Sonny’s socks will attest…

Ooohhh and as an added bonus we’ve all just been given United gift bags, including dogs for the boys!!!!


  1. It has been great following your trip over these past months – Africa, India, Singapore, NZ, USA, South America – and of course the exciting highlight ………………………..Geraldton WA!!!!!!!!!
    Best wishes to “Smelly Mummy” and “Grandad” Sonny and Jam for the future
    Happy 75th Birthday to Grandma M. for next month (its mine also)

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  2. Hi all
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your eloquent blogs and traveling vicariously around some fabulous places around the world. Fantastic pics too. Basically I’m just very jealous and now dream about my own big adventure! All the best and have more fun back in the UK!

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